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Improving Diet

"Jessica Jarmer is an extremely knowledgeable, confident and talented chef and health coach. From her years of practicing and teaching a healthy lifestyle, she has an ease of communicating her message that can relate to all from the curious newcomer as well as the practicing vegan. I have gone to many of Jessica’s demonstrations and always come away with new found helpful information. Her recipes are not only healthy, they are always delicious and practical using readily available ingredients that are simple to prepare. Most recently, as a participant in her group classes, I gained new tools to tweak my diet for optimal health. The comprehensive program really focused on the key foods to include and what’s best to avoid. Jessica backs up all of her advice with facts and data from her extensive research. She explains specifically “why” and includes examples to really drive home key points in her lessons. This technique often makes you stop and think WWJD, “What would Jessica do?” when trying to make your best food choices. I highly recommend Jessica Jarmer to anyone looking to improve their quality of life and learn how to fuel themselves with proper nutrition."

-Suzanne MonacoTinton Falls, NJ

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