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Digestive Issues

"Jessica was like a breath of fresh air for me. For over a year I had been suffering with constant indigestion, no matter what foods I ate. I kept a bottle of TUMS at work and in the kitchen cupboard for when it would start, and spent many a night on the couch in a half-seated position so that an upset stomach would not interrupt my precious sleep. I felt that this was my destiny until one night I sampled some of Jessica's prepared foods at my chiropractor's Ladies Night in August of 2013, and then my life changed dramatically. Dr. Healy's Ladies Night was a way for her patients to get new information and introduce their friends to the services provided at her wellness center. Jessica was the in-house nutritionist and while I knew her and spoke with her, I had never considered altering my diet - mostly because I felt I ate a balanced diet. Well, as the speakers gave their presentations, I munched on Jessica's food, filling up with cashew dip and vegetables and cashew nut cheese and crackers. Jessica even made a cesar salad with her own salad dressing which was creamy and delicious.. Well, by the time I went home it was almost 10pm and too late for me to eat dinner. I got home, did my chores, climbed into bed and fell quickly asleep, only to be wide awake at 3am. What woke me up? Was it my stomach? No, there was no indigestion. But wait, no indigestion. None what so ever! That was what had woken me up, the fact the my stomach wasn't upset at all! I knew at that moment that I had to make more changes. The next morning I called Jessica, met with her the following day and since then have been following her dietary suggestions ever since, with no trace of the indigestion that I had experienced for so long! I am truly grateful for what Jessica has done for me."

~Suzanne Soper

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